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Chapter 1plugin-autotooltip__defaultChapter 1: Juanda's Cave
Chapter 2plugin-autotooltip__defaultChapter 2: Chicken Soup
Chapter 3plugin-autotooltip__defaultChapter 3: Laying Traps
Chapter 4plugin-autotooltip__defaultChapter 4: Time to Make a Deal


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 +title:​Laying Traps
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 +Suspecting that the Traders Guild was going to find Black Song's secret path to the surface eventually, the party decided to lay some traps. Glennard cast a spell that would notify him if anyone tried to enter the cave. Black Song dug a pit. Behnerd made a magically malodorous malady. Juanda used her magic to block off the passage with a natural-seeming wall of stone, which could be climbed over if one knew where to look.
 +Black Song wanted to go to the surface, but realized that there wasn't enough equipment for everyone to survive, so the group decided to perform a heist to make some cash. They found that two thugly men had the job of escorting merchants from the town square to the bank every evening. Behnerd spent a couple days befriending the two men, pretending to be an apprentice, and found them to be fair and amicable people. The party then lay in wait, in one of the shops, where Black Song threatened the shopkeeper'​s life for no reason.
 +When the cash box left the store, Behnerd tried to convince the other two men to make a detour and get a drink. They said they'd be happy to, but it would have to wait until after the job. So a chaos of melee, magic and archery ensued, which left the two thuglies dead in the street, along with a couple of policemen. The group made off with $1000 and a couple mediocre swords.
 +Behnerd felt kind of bad.
 +As the group was returning home from the debacle, Glennard felt his magical signal go off. Someone was in the tunnels!
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