The Coming of the Zioth

Gereon Foust

Grey eyes; Brown hair and beard with grey streaks throughout, Hair fairly short as with beard; white skin; 5'9“; 155 lbs; slight build; Mostly simple clothing, hooded brown cloak over heavy gray wool long sleeved overshirt, brown leather pants, brown leather boots, all a bit worn; small sapphire caught in a gold net, normally an earring, now worn as an amulet on a leather strap underneath his shirt (Sapphire is about the size of the tip of a man's pinkie); very conscious of cleanliness, occasionally talks to himself.


Appears in turns 152, 154-156, 158, 161, 172

Gereon is more commonly known as the Messenger, an odd man who gets glimpses into the future. His full biography is withheld to maintain the mystery. :)