The Coming of the Zioth


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 There appear to be as many female True Zahirans as male, although There appear to be as many female True Zahirans as male, although
 females are never seen pregnant or with small children. females are never seen pregnant or with small children.
 +==== Holidays =====
 +Every full moon is a minor holiday. In addition, the following
 +specific rites are observed:
 +== Halkak ==
 +  * 10/6  The Flight of the Birds.
 +  *  1/6  The Return of the Birds.
 +  * A wool cloth covered with hay is laid out for Halkak to sit on during the naming ceremony of a new child on the first day of its second month of life. When a new animal is born, all animals of its type are given an extra portion of food.
 +== Tirop ==
 +  * 12/7  The Winter Fast (some Zahirans fast on the third day of every week of winter).
 +  * 2/15  The Spring Festival.
 +  * 5/21  The Summer Fast.
 +  * 9/1   The Autumn Festival.
 +  * It is appropriate to curse Tirop during an unusually destructive storm, or when one loses a family member or a great amount of wealth at sea, and one should praise Tirop after a successful voyage.
 +  * A fast is observed the day after a sunken ship is discovered.
 +== Ilsupeich ==
 +  * It is appropriate to devote an hour of feasting to Ilsupeich upon seing a tall mountain for the first time in six months.
 +  * It is also appropriate to fast for the remainder of the night or day, neither eating nor drinking, upon witnessing a great earthquake or the eruption of a volcano.
 +== Ot ==
 +  * It is appropriate to fast and pray to Zahira for help when one suspects Ot or one of his creatures has brought misfortune.
 +  * Every new moon of Ot is a celebration of the completeness of night.
 +  * A solar eclipse is considered the work of Ot, and is alternately celebrated as a feast or a fast. The alternation begins with a feast on the first witnessed eclipse.
 +== Zabrigar ==
 +  * One is expected to thank Zabrigar when finding a desert oasis.
 +Zahira and Haym do not have specific holidays attributed to them, but are worshipped on every full moon, and especially on the winter and summer solstice (10/15 and and 4/1)