The Coming of the Zioth

Scholar Class

Scholars represent the educated elite. They've spent most of their lives in school and will probably spend the rest of their lives in the same place. They are proffessors and sages, and on occasion go on to become philosophers, priests, inventors, barbers (doctors) or lawyers.

Adventurers: Very few Scholars become adventurers. Those who do are usually guides for others, or are on temporary research-related missions.

Characteristics: Scholars are highly educated, able to draw on their extensive knowledge to accomplish any number of things. Most scholars are not nearly as capable outside their universities as inside.

Abilities: Intelligence determines how much a scholar can learn, and is the only ability crucial to success as a scholar.


Scholars are almost always lawful, though some may promote chaos as an abstract philosophy. Very few scholars are evil.

Hit Die


Class Skills

Concentration (con), Craft (int), Decipher Script (int), Diplomacy (cha), Knowledge (all) (int), Speak Language (int)

Skill Points: (8+int) x 4 at first level, 8+int at each additional level

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

Scholars are proficient with all simple weapons. They are not proficient with any type of armor or shield.

The Scholar

Class Abilities


Identical to the Bardic Knowledge ability. Bonuses that apply to Bardic Knowledge also apply to Learned.


A Scholar may gain additional class skills by having the specified number of ranks in certain knowledge skills. For the purpose of gaining these skills, bonuses from the Educated and Specialized feats count as ranks. These ranks must be gained through levels in the Scholar class.

Skill Prereqs
Alchemy 5 ranks in Knowledge(arcana), or 15 ranks in Knowledge(natural philosophy)
Appraise 5 ranks in Knowledge(trade and commerce)
Bluff 5 ranks in Knowledge(nobility), or 5 ranks in Knowledge(moral philosophy)
Diplomacy 5 rank in Knowledge(nobility), or 5 ranks in Knowledge(religion)
Gather Information 5 ranks in Knowledge(local)
Heal 4 ranks in Knowledge(natural philosophy)
Sense Motive 5 ranks in Knowledge(moral philosophy)
Spellcraft 10 ranks in Knowledge(arcana)
Survival 10 ranks in Knowledge(nature), or 10 ranks in Knowledge(dungeneering), or 15 ranks in Knowledge(the plains)
Use Magic Device 10 ranks in Knowledge(arcana)

Bonus Feat

At first level, and at every fourth level, the scholar may select a bonus feat from this list:

Diligent: To select this as a bonus feat (described in the Player's Handbook), the Scholar must already have Appraise as a class skill, through the Diversification ability.

Educated: +2 to any two knowledge skills. This may be selected multiple times. A Scholar may apply this multiple times to the same Knowledge skills.

Skill Focus in any class skill: To take this as a bonus feat for a class skill gained through the Diversification ability, the Scholar must first Specialize (see the feat, below) in a knowledge skill that grants that class skill. If the class skill has not been gained through Diversification, the Scolar may take this feat without Specializing.

Specialized: +3 to any one Knowledge skill. This is a Scholar-only feat, and it stacks with Skill Focus, Educated and itself. If a Specialized school of knowledge could grant a class skill (see the Diversification ability above), learning that skill for the first time only requires two skill points instead of three.

Additional Skills

Knowledge (Trade and Commerce), which covers knowledge of taxation, commodities, trade routes, demands, et cetera. With 5 or more ranks, it grants a +2 synergy bonus to Appraise.

Knowledge (Natural Philosophy), which covers the rudiments of physics, anatomy, mathematics, and the other natural sciences (such as they exist in this world). With 5 or more ranks, it grants a +2 bonus to Heal checks, and it further allows non-spellcasters to use the Alchemy skill, with the ranks in Knowledge (Natural Philosophy) forming a limiter on how many ranks of Craft (Alchemy) such a non-spellcaster can use (on a one-to-one basis).

Knowledge (Moral Philosophy) covers the study of logic, metaphysics, political philosophy, and the like, and grants a +2 synergy bonus to Sense Motive with 5 or more ranks.