The Coming of the Zioth

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    The Zioth is the night when all five moons are new at once. It is said that on that night, which occurs once every 1020 years, the world is destroyed and rebuilt. Zioth is an acronym for the initials of the five moons (Zabrigar, Ilsapeich, Ot, Tirop, Halkak). The word Zioth refers both to the 1020 year period, and to the event itself.
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    Five moons rise and set in the sky of Aerv, never crossing paths. At the end of the world, they will all wane together, and diminish to nothing for the Zioth.

    Quite a lot of mythology centers around the moons. Zahirans' theology revolves around the Moon Children. The Moon Wanderers in the Shirahjat Cohilition migrate with the rising and setting of the moons in ways that only they fully understand.
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    A little can be learned about
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