The Coming of the Zioth


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 +====== Language ======
 +==== Rouch ====
 +Rouch is the vernacular, or common tongue, spoken throughout Rang. Because of Rang's influence, it's also a trade language in the surrounding kingdoms.
 +==== Sarnam ====
 +Sarnam is the "old tongue,"​ spoken by the priests of Andritha. Most of the nobly-born are familiar with the language.
 +==== Phonetics ====
 +Throughout this web site, when non-English names are given for the first time, they are followed by phonetic transliterations. The rules for such transliterations are as follows: ​
 +  * Lowercase vowels imply short sounds (like the a in dragon, e in elf, i in lich, o in goblin and u in undead). ​
 +  * Uppercase vowels imply long sounds (like the A in soothsayer, E in evil, I in slime, O in beholder and U in unicorn). ​
 +  * g is the sound of the g in gold. 
 +  * j is the sound of the g in giant. ​
 +  * s is the sound of the s in scimitar. ​
 +  * oo is as the u in truth. ​
 +  * ou is as the ou in pouch. ​
 +  * & is the schwa sound of the o in illusion. ​
 +  * Apostrophes indicate the ends of primary accented syllables. ​
 +  * Dashes separate syllables.