The Coming of the Zioth


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 +===== Magic =====
 +Magic is a legend. You'll rarely find anyone who's seen anything you'd
 +call "​magical,"​ and most of those are crazy or deluded. Aerv
 +is a lot like Medieval Earth, and Rang is a lot like Medieval Germany.
 +People live in feudal fiefs and bourgeois-controlled towns. They'​ve
 +heard stories of elves and dwarves and wizards, and they just might
 +believe the stories, or at least be wary of unknown forces when
 +walking alone at night, but they'​ve never seen anything for sure.
 +=== Wizards ===
 +This poses an interesting situation for mages and wizards. The
 +slightest of magical effects will be entirely new and unexpected to
 +the average person. The average person is likely to fear a wizard, and
 +might even think him some messenger of evil. In any case, the town
 +will soon know of the wizard'​s presence, and whether they burn him,
 +chase him out, or ask him for help, something is likely to happen.
 +=== Priests ===
 +Priests also have unusual situations to deal with. People
 +generally trust their clergy, but that does not mean they won't be
 +surprised when their clergy makes a public display of power. That is
 +not too great a fear, however, since very few priests have been known
 +to use any magic at all, so it is likely they have no magical powers.
 +Most religions do not possess magic, do not know about magic, or
 +explicitly forbid the use of magic.